Shen Kotyonok

Revengeant Panther Style Monk


While not the brightest person, Shen means well and strives to do good in the world as well as improving himself. He’s proud to have bested his rival in combat, Gouken the Wanderer.

Not tolerant of betrayal, Shen has vowed to bring justice to the traitor Sheonok Braadacka who has joined with Nocticula and killed Shen.

Character Sheet


As a child his homeland was overrun by goblins and a large portion of his village was killed, including his family. While wandering the land in search of himself and to avenge those he had lost he was taken in by a monastery of monks. There he learned to fight as well as grow into the man he is today. He has never forgiven what was done to his family and loathes goblins moreso than other catfolk who merely think of them as vermin, he sees them as a blight to be extinguished. During his travels after leaving the monastery he had run into Skaista Delourn while she had been attacked on the road by goblin bandits. Since then he has traveled with her on her journeys.

Shen Kotyonok

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